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about the barber

Jeff Schmitzer

If your hair isn’t becoming to you...then you should be coming to us. Uptown North Main Barbershop

Life-long resident Jeff Schmitzer who was once a toolmaker for over 20 years has recently graduated from the Lansing Barber College and is opening the Uptown North Main Barbershop mid December 2017.

“This is a big change for me. Sure I am used to tools, but it took some learning to master clippers and razors. I am not a cosmetologist. I’m a barber. So you can expect traditional clippers, hot lather neck shaves with a steamed towel and the golden-age barbershop aftershave,” said owner Jeff Schmitzer.

Uptown North Main Barbershop will offer to its masculine clients haircuts, buzz cuts, mustache and beard trims, hot shaves and children’s cuts. Every haircut comes with a soothing free neck shave and a splash of the nostalgic barbershop-smelling aftershave.

“I really want my barbershop to be a manly experience. So when you leave the barber’s chair, you walk with a little bit of a swagger in your step. It will be a cool hangout for men of all ages reminiscent of barbershops of the 1930s and 40s. We even have a vintage red and blue barber’s pole. We promise great haircuts and great conversation,” said Jeff.


Caleb Turbeville

“Caleb of Nazareth,” his nickname while attending the Lansing Barber College, is one of Frankenmuth’s top sources for men’s grooming needs.

The true story is that Caleb unknowingly began his journey toward becoming a master barber at the age of 17 years old. He valued his personal style a bit higher than others his age and began to teach himself how to cut hair in order to achieve his desired style. First, he started practicing on friends and family and shortly after began cutting his own hair....

He failed miserably at his first self-haircut attempt and was left with a bald patch in the back of his head. But the important takeaway here is that the hair grew back and Caleb never gave up. With practice and patience he soon not only excelled at cutting his own hair but also became the go-to student barber at LBC and plans to attain the same success at the Uptown North Main Barbershop.

Uptown North Main Barbershop operating hours are Tuesday and Thursday 8am to 8pm; Wednesday 8am to 6pm; Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 8am to 12/noon.

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